June 05 2018

The conveyor rollers D with drive head for poly-V belt PJ. This rollers are often used for conveyor systems of automatic warehouses. The poly-V belts ConveyXonic are made for this process. It makes conveyors design very easy. A flexible cord and special rubber structure make torque transmission permanent without additional units.

May 16 2018

The conveyor rollers LB&L diameter 40mm are produced from zinc-plated steel tube, stainless steel tube, aluminum and PVC tube. The axe of roller can be spring loaded, with female and male thread and also hex spindle. The bearing houses serial LB have precision ball bearing 6002 ZZ, and the bearing houses serial L are made from plastic with steel balls.

February 20 2018

The conveyor rollers SB diameter 60mm are used for transportation of pallets. The tube thickness 2mm and 3mm is used for rollers production. The bearing house is made from zinc plated steel with precision ball bearing. The rollers serial SB are used for conveyor system with maximum dynamic load up to 3000N.

September 06 2017

The conveyor rollers U diameter 50mm are produced with different spindles. Rounded rollers end for easy sliding of items onto the conveyor laterally. The bearing houses with precision ball bearing have labyrinth seal that protect against coarse dirt. Conveyor rollers D and CD are produced on platform of rollers U.

April 03 2017

Tapered conveyor rollers CD. Fixed drive tapered conveyor rollers with double steels sprockets for the chain 08B1 are used for conveyor bends. The rollers can also be completed with plastic pulley for poly-V belt PJ for fixed drive. There are bearing houses with ball bearings 6002 2Z. Plastic drive heads can be used for corrosion-resistant rollers' version.

October 04 2016

Conveyor rollers L from stainless steel Diameter 20mm. The rollers L can be made as corrosion-resistant version. In this case they will have plastic bearing house with stainless steel balls and stainless steel spindle. These rollers have good starting and running properties and its small diameter allows to use them at he end of belt conveyor for moving of small boxes.

March 02 2015

Rollcon produces steel conveyor rollers Diameter 50mm with PVC covering thickness 3.5mm. The PVC black covering has a hardness 67A Sh for soft transportation. Also the PVC covering protect rollers tube from damages and increase adhesion properties. The steel conveyor rollers with PVC covering are used for laminated details transportation in furniture production and for incline or decline roller conveyor for boxes transportation.

February, 26 2015

Conveyor rollers L and LB can be produced from stainless steel with different types of bearings. Its possible to produce conveyor rollers from stainless steel tube and bearing and axe can be made from plain steel. Conveyor rollers D can be also made as corrosion-resistant version.

February, 23 2015

Conveyor wheels WL and WS diameter 48mm have hole axes d 6 and 8mm. Conveyor wheels have low cost in comparison with conveyor rollers. This wheels are used for transportation of boxes and for telescope conveyors. The conveyor wheels are produced from plastic and zinc-plated steel. The wheels WL can be produced as corrosion-resistant version with stainless steel balls. The conveyor wheels can have flange.

April, 30 2014

Expanding of the range of products available. Our company offers high-quality Teflon tapes and grids produced by SAINT GOBAIN (Germany). The material is made of different thickness of 0.06 mm to 0.79 mm, self-adhesive base and without adhesive. PTFE Tapes and grids have excellent anti-adhesive and non-stick properties, resistant to most industrial chemicals, ultraviolet and infrared rays. Operating temperature -150 to +260 C. Final products are manufactured according to your size in Russia as soon as possible.

December, 23 2013

Drive conveyor rollers Series D are issued 50mm and 60mm. A drive element of conveyor rollers in this series are single and double row of steel and plastic sprocket wheels for chain 08B-1 in increments of 12.7 mm, plastic heads for ribbed belt PJ or toothed belt HTD8M. Conveyor roller case may be made of steel pipe, PVC pipe and stainless steel pipe. The spindle of rollers can also be made of stainless steel.

November, 4 2013

Conveyor rollers L30 Series are manufactured by "Rollcon" of 30mm diameter PVC pipe and plastic bearings L30. The rollers of this series are notable by an easy start, continuous rotation and rather low price. Upon clients request the rollers can be made of stainless steel and performed with a spindle stainless steel balls. The standard lengths of the rollers of Series L30 are 82mm to 600mm. Gravity conveyor rollers L Series are widely used in commercial equipment (cash boxes), roller tables for feeding hand luggage X-ray control unit (screening equipment), roller tables for feeding goods shrink machine (packaging equipment) and for many other conveyor systems with small loads and speeds.

March, 11 2013

Rollcon started manufacturing of friction conveyor rollers F Series. The friction conveyor rollers are used in areas of the conveyor system where its necessary to accumulate transported goods. The frictional force between the drive head and the sliding sleeve depends on the load on the conveyor roller, thereby the driving force roller depends on the load on the roller. Friction (savings) F Series conveyor rollers are made of steel or stainless steel pipe 50 * 1.5 mm and PVC pipe 50 * 2.8 mm and they are identical to drive the conveyor rolls Series D. If its necessary, these two series of rollers can be combined. Drive heads are also identical to the head in drive conveyor rollers Series D.

October, 26 2012

Steel conveyor rollers S Series are made from galvanized pipe and steel bearing housings with steel balls. Bearing units S Series provide easy and continuous rotation of the roller. Maximum load on the roller in this series is 120kg. Bearing housing seamed into a tube, which makes this type of roller for optimal use in the areas of lateral loads transitions from one roller conveyor to the other. Temperature range of use gravity conveyor rollers Series S is from 0 to 100 C.

July, 02 2012

Conveyor rollers of PVC pipe on 50 * 2.8 mm, gray color. On the basis of the PVC pipe, our company manufactures several types of conveyor rollers - for light conveyor systems L series with a maximum load of 20kg, LB Series with a maximum load of 80kg and drive conveyor rollers Series D with a maximum load of 35kg . PVC pipe can be used in the performance of the corrosion stability in combination of rollers with plastic drive star wheels, bearings and spindle stainless steel . Conveyor rollers with the case from PVC pipe are also used in areas of the conveyor system where is necessary to obtain a delicate cargo transportation, without scratches, bumps on the metal surface, etc.

February, 20 2012

A new type of rollers appeared in our product line: tapered conveyor rollers C and CD Series (similar size with rollers Interroll). The tapered conveyor rollers are made for moving goods on turning roller conveyor sections. They made with single and double row of steel or plastic sprocket wheels for the chain with pitch 12.7mm, and its possible to combine these drive rollers with plastic head for ribbed belt PJ. Bearing units with radial ball bearings. Plastic drive sprocket wheels and pulleys can be used in the performance of the corrosion stability of the rollers.

January, 16 2012

Universal type of conveyor rollers U Series consists of a plastic bearing housing which is molded by closed on two sides radial ball bearing 6002. Bearing housing seamed into a tube on 50 * 1.5mm, which makes this type of rollers for optimum use in areas lateral transitions of cargo from one roller conveyor to another. Gravity conveyor rollers U Series is also used in the system of conveyor belts stretch in lightly loaded conveyor systems (for example in a supermarket checkout counters). Drive conveyor rollers D Series are made on the basis of universal conveyor rollers. They are equipped with single and double row of steel or plastic sprocket wheels for the chain pitch 12.7 mm, drive plastic head for ribbed belt or toothed belt PJ HTD8M. Plastic drive sprocket wheels and pulleys can be used in the performance of the corrosion stability of the rollers.

December, 01 2011

We bring to your attention the system of drive conveyor rollers - ConveyXonic. Due to the constant belt tension, the endless textile cords and properties of V-belt transmission ConveyXonic belts transmit torque to four times more effective than standard transmission using belts round or flat sections. The market leaders in the manufacture of conveyor systems and automated storage, such as the SSI SCHAEFER PEEM GMBH, actively use ConveyXonic belts in its equipment during many years that proves the effectiveness of this type of drive.

May, 6 2010

Gravity conveyor rollers L Series have bearing housing made of plastic with steel balls or stainless steel balls. The L Series is the lightest in our range of conveyor rollers. The maximum load per roller is 20kg. The rollers of this series is distinguished by such features as an easy start and continuous rotation light weight compared to other models of conveyor rollers. The gravity conveyor rollers are used in the L series lightly loaded conveyor systems to support the reverse branch of the conveyor belt in warehouse systems and many other areas.

January, 15 2009

Rollcon became a distributor of Optibelt Power Transmission (Germany) www.optibelt.com. Optibelt has produced power transmission belts and other items of drive equipment over 125 years ago and now the company is a market leader in this sphere. Perfect quality and wide product range mark out Optibelt production from plural quantity of competitors. There is wide range of V-belts, toothed and poly-V belts for industrial construction on the companys warehouse in Russia.

August, 18 2008

Rollcon has organized serial production of conveyor gravitational rollers Series L (Interroll analog). This model rollers is used widely in such a constructions as cash-boxes (trade equipment), roller conveyers for carrying hand-luggage through X-ray control equipment (inspection system), roller conveyers for carrying goods through shrink tunnel (packing equipment) and other conveyor systems with low working load and speeds. Rollers body is made of PVC grey tube with diameter of 30mm, polypropylene yellow bearing, spring-loaded spindle with diameter of 8mm, length is on the Customer's request.